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 TeamSpeak2 Tutorial

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PostSubject: TeamSpeak2 Tutorial   TeamSpeak2 Tutorial Icon_minitimeMon Sep 17, 2007 6:33 pm

Link to download TeamSpeak2 - http://www.goteamspeak.com/index.php?page=downloads

Pick the download for you(usually the first one)

Once downloaded, install it.

Now open it up:
- Click on 'Connection' at the top.
- Click on 'Connect' below it.
You should see 'Servers' with a minus sign in a square before it...
- Right-Click 'Servers'.
- Click 'Add Server'.
- In the 'Label' box put 'Fusion gaming main'.
- In the 'Server Address' box put ''.
You should see 2 round selection boxes(radio)...
- Click the 'Anonymous' one.
- In the 'Nickname' box put you name.
- Now Click 'Connect'.

You should now be connected to our main teamspeak server, from now on you can join the server by:
- Clicking on 'Connection' at the top.
- Clicking on 'Connect' below it.
- Double-Clicking the 'Fusion gaming main' text.

The first time you use TeamSpeak you should configure your voice settings.
Here is how:
- Click 'Settings'.
- Click 'Sound Input/Output Settings'.
- Click 'Activate local test mode'.
Now, there are to ways to tell TeamSpeak to send your voice, one is to have a button that you hold when you talk, the other is to set a voice volume threshold, basically this mean if you talk above a certain volume, then TS will send the voice to other players, else if the mic is just picking up whispering or breathing it won't send the sound to other players. This Voice activated method needs no buttons to be held, ever.
- Choose between 'Push to talk' or 'Voice Activation'.
If you choose 'Push to talk' you will have to set a key also.
If you choose 'Voice Activation' then follow this guide:
- Put you headphones on.
- Keep speaking into the microphone the way you normally would.
- If you can hear your voice being repeated, then gradually move the slider to the left.
- Once your voice disappears, move the slider about a centimetre to the right.
- Move the 'Output volume' slider until you find the volume you want your voice to be sent at.
- Keep speaking while doing this.
- Now click 'Deactivate local test mode'.
- Click close.

Your settings should all be ok now.

Once you are connected to the server, you are in the 'Default' channel. You can only talk to people in the same channel as you.
Anyone can create their own channel, and even put a password on it.

To do this:
- Click 'Channels' at the top.
- Click 'Create Channel' below it.
- In the 'Name' box put what you want to call the channel.
- 'Topic' can be left blank.
- If you want a password then enter one in the 'Password' box, else don't Smile .
Now, next you choose a codec from the selection box, the higher the 'Kbit', then more of your bandwidth it will use, but the higher the voice quality of everyone in the channel.
- 'Description' can be left blank.
- Everything else can pretty much stay the same.

Creating a channel and getting the rest of the team to join it is useful for clan wars because it isolates you and the rest of the people playing from the chatter of everyone else in the TS server.
Putting a password on is usually a good idea Wink .

Hope this helps. Very Happy
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TeamSpeak2 Tutorial
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